Comprehensive Online Business Solution

Consulting – Designing – Building Website

Consulting, designing, and creating website. Build comprehensive website content. Basic Setup Required for Online Marketing. Lifetime support policy

Xây dựng website trọn gói

Build website package

With a team of engineers with many years of experience, we will help you build a complete website, including always building basic and professional content for the website. We will also help you with the necessary installation and configuration to be able to operate and measure the website effectively. At the same time also fully prepare the necessary elements for you to perform Marketing Online when ready.

Cost: Click to see details below.

Xây dựng website nhanh

Build website fast, according to the available template

Quickly build website according to the available template. You need to choose a template in the sample website stock and we will build your website according to the template you choose. If you can’t choose a website template you like, you can still sign up for a website design according to a website template you want. You can use additional Basic Setup service packs with this service pack.

Cost: Click to see details below.

Viết bài chuẩn SEO

Write standard SEO articles

Write and post 10 articles, configure SEO standards for articles on the website. Length 300-500 words. Includes 1-2 pictures included. Place internal navigation links. Write 1 more article: 120,000 VND / article. Includes 2 basic setup service packs for website worth 450,000 VND

Cost: 1,200,000đ

Basic Setup

Basic settings are indispensable if you want to properly operate your website and implement effective online marketing.

Dịch vụ Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics for your website

Many people still do not know that Installing and setting up Google Analytics for your website is a must if you want to operate the website properly and even bring profit to your business! It sounds strange, but it’s true. You will be even more surprised to know the benefits Google Analytics brings to your website, see specifically!

Cost: 250,000d

Thiết lập Google Search Console

Set up Google Search Console for your website

Google Search Console is essential for website operators to monitor their website performance. From there, it is possible to detect coverage issues, usability, speed issues if any on the website; and have a timely correction plan. This tool also helps you to know in detail the user found your website from the query, which search keyword, at what position, how many clicks, …

Cost: 200,000 VND

Thiết lập Facebook fanpage

Set up Facebook Fanpage

Currently, in addition to the website, business stores or companies, businesses are indispensable for a Facebook Fanpage because of many benefits that it brings. With this service, we will help you create a Facebook fanpage and set up the necessary information and configuration. You will immediately own a professional Facebook fanpage to promote brand, advise services, sell goods or many other features, …

Cost: 500,000 VND

Dịch vụ chăm sóc website

Building Professional Website Content

Plan and build quality content for your website. Help you to save time and effort. If you are a business / company or store owner that needs to build beautiful, professional and eye-catching website content but don’t have the time or resources in charge, this is the package for you.

Cost: 2,000,000đ

Marketing Online

Don’t miss out on huge potential customers just because you don’t do Online Marketing. Increase your sales with our Online Marketing Services.

Google My Business

Set up Google My Business (Google Maps)

Set up and configure Google My Business. Make your Property’s information (photos, videos, products, services, addresses, hotlines, websites, etc.) visible on Google search results and on Google Maps. A great way to promote your brand, introduce services and sell with the same effectiveness as Google Ads or SEO! Cost is usually lower than those 2 channels.

Cost: 500,000 VND

Google Ads

Run Google Ads ads

Running Google Ads ads will help your website stand in the first position on the search results of Google Search, higher than all normal SEO search results on Google. (Paying for the click, of course there must be a better location). While doing SEO you want to top, it takes a long time, usually a few months, but when running Google Ads ads, your website will show up on the top immediately.

Cost: Click to see details below.

Quảng cáo Google Shopping

Run Google Shopping ads

Google Shopping is advertising exclusively for products sold online. When a customer searches for information on Google Search, your Product information including the image, product name, price, and seller name is displayed. The results are above both Google Ads ads or regular SEO results.

Cost: Click to see details below.

Dịch vụ Facebook Ads

Run Facebook Ads ads

Facebook is still the largest social network on the planet with a huge number of users including all types of users. The term “selling on Facebook” is too common to everyone in the Vietnamese market. Facebook advertising is a good marketing channel for you to quickly reach your target audience.

Cost: Click to see details below.

Building Online Business System Package

With full service, we will carry out for you all the services in the Comprehensive Online Business Solution above.

From designing and building communication channels, sales infrastructure (Website, Facebook fanpage, Google Business, other social networks …) to promoting your channels to reach the most potential customers.

Commit to results

We are committed to helping you achieve results: selling goods, setting appointments for consulting services, promoting brands.

Measurable results

You can track and statistic the number of orders, chat, messages, website traffic to measure the results achieved.

Save time for you

You can focus on your business. We will help you develop a comprehensive online array.

Why take time to tinker, learn how to do it and then do it but not sure how the results are. With long-term professional experience and has helped many customers succeed in business – selling online. We can help you do it with the fastest time, with the best effect.